Event Design

I’ve always been drawn to the magic of event design. Taking an empty room and transforming in a few hours is the ultimate challenge for a designer. The temporary nature of events frees you from the constraints of projects that have to last years. Simple materials, lighting and placement can transform a space and create a memorable experience.

Visual Display

Visual Display combines fashion, graphics, theatrical design and ingenuity. From simple to elaborate, it relies on basic design principles of color, placement, repetition, and lighting to create magic and wonder. Fast paced and temporary, visual display is refined street theater, luring customers into the store with humor, beauty and style.

Botanicals & Styling

Botanicals and styling add the final layer of detail to interiors. It’s an opportunity to engage the guest through touchpoints that tell the story of the location and the brand. These elements create points of interest, a sense of place and a residential, upscale aesthetic. Aspirational and inspiring, styling done well adds a touch of drama to the everyday.

Client Review

"Erin Hoover has the rare quality of not only teaching and empowering her team but of controlling the narrative of the design. Brand design is a huge responsibility and requires attention to details. I love that Erin can take a completely out of the box design detail and implement it in a operational element that makes dollars and sense for the brand." Deborah Herman / Owner and President / Fabric Innovations