The Concept

An Effortless Space

Centered around F&B, the Sheraton public space experience is designed to appeal to both individuals and groups. Flexible enough to evolve throughout the day, the spaces can transition from public to private, or semi-public to semi-private.

Adopting a “freedom in the framework” approach, we’ve used three key principles as the lenses through which to create spaces and concepts that deliver on the brand’s promise of Effortless Travel and enlightening experiences.

The Design Approach

Effortless Style

Aspirational Mindset

Purposeful Design

The Design Principles

Adopting a “freedom in the framework” approach, we’ve used three key principles as the lenses through which to create spaces and concepts that deliver on the brand’s promise of Effortless Travel and enlightening experiences: Attract, Inspire and Engage.


creates a memorable arrival experience, with Lantern, an iconic art installation guided by a property narrative, and Host Table, an updated approach to check-in.


creates flexible, transitional spaces within the lobby. These concepts can be public, or sold for private events.


The “Engage” principle is about creating flexible, transitional spaces within the lobby. The Studio and Workshop concepts can be public or sold for private events.



Lantern is a focal art installation referencing the hotel’s location and the Sheraton brand. Four Totems, inspired by the property’s Narrative, speak to unique aspects of the location.


Host Table

Host Table reimagines the check-in experience from both guest and associate perspectives. Customizable and modular, the design showcases Sheraton’s modern, elevated aesthetic direction.



Market - reinventing the typical hospitality dining experience and focused on food exploration, Market’s format can be tailored to each property’s needs.



Guests can meet up, hang out and relax at Assembly, a communal lounge anchored by a central bar. Considered, flexible seating groupings empower guests to collaborate or work solo, depending on their needs. Completely connected, the design lets guests use their own devices to power their productivity or just relax.



Studio is a modern take on the classic library – a connected, elevated space with a curated selection of books and styling elements inspired by the destination. With flexible seating groupings, Studio transitions from public to private for meetings and events.



Workshop is the Sheraton brand’s own test lab for innovation and creativity – the perfect venue for collaborative meetings, hackathons or TED talks.With flexible furniture, like a pool table that converts to a meeting table, wall-mounted TVs and a digital dartboard, Workshop can be used by guests and locals, or sold for a private event.

Featured Iconic Properties

In the spirit of customization and local relevance seen through the lens of the Sheraton brand, these projects represent Sheraton’s transformation with best in class design.

Sheraton Grand Los Angeles

California, United States

Sheraton Grand Jakarta Hotel

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

California, United States

Sheraton Zhanjiang Hotel

Guangdong, China

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sheraton Zibo Hotel

Zibo, China

Client Review

"When it comes to telling the story of a brand’s design direction, there is no one better than Erin to do that. She has a calm, yet confident style to her presentations, and that always helps her connect very well with the audience of owners or interior designers we are working with." David C. Marr / SVP, Brand Management, Global Brand Leader / Sheraton Hotels

The Project Overview

The Sheraton 2020 goal of Differentiating by Design challenged us to bring a fresh approach to the interior design direction for the brand. From inspiration to design development and prototypes to the final designs, take a look behind the scenes and see how it all came together.

  • Director | Erin Hoover
  • Managers | Robyn Kaminski, Zusheen Mustafa
  • Senior Designers | Joshua Camarena, Sarah Lounsbury, Alejandro Barrero Garcia