The Concept

Designed as a modern-day oasis and respite from the demands of travel, the guestroom concept speaks to our innate desire to connect with nature. Featuring a modern residential aesthetic, inspired by the beauty in nature, the design brings Westin's wellbeing positioning to life.

Modern lifestyles require flexible spaces for work, play and relaxation. Shaped furnishings create a meandering path through the space that reflects the experience of moving through nature. The layout simultaneously offers refuge and prospect through sheltered spaces and open views, and adaptive furniture gives guest the flexibility to work, play or relax in their rooms.

The Design Inspiration

Simple + Considered

Sculptural + Regional

Residental + Luxurious

The Design Philosophy

The Westin design philosophy takes inspiration from the concept of biophilia, which posits that people have an innate need to connect with nature, and that our link to the natural world affects our well-being.

Nature In The Space

Inclusion of natural materials and elements in their true form to integrate nature into the space.

Natural Analogues

Use of materials and patterns that evoke natural imagery.

Nature Of The Space

Creation of protected, intimate spaces that offer refuge as well as elevated/expansive vantage points that provide prospective.

The Case Studies

Design Scheme A

Inspired by liquid & reflective natural elements, this space is defined by luminous forms and finished that conjure patterns created by the movement of light.

Design Scheme B

Imbued with growth patterns and echoing organic structures found in the environment, this space features a rich palette of forms and finishes that capture the vibrancy and harmony of nature.

Featured Iconic Properties

Westin's guestroom design reflects a modern residential aesthetic, inspired by the beauty found in nature.

The Westin Palace Madrid

Madrid, Spain

The Westin Singapore


The Westin Blue Bay Resort & Spa

Hainan, China

The Westin Chongqing Liberation Square

Chongqing, China

The Westin at The Woodlands

Texas, United States

The Westin Chennai Velachery

Tamil Nadu, India

Client Review

"Erin is the complete package of talent, professionalism, follow through and responsiveness while also being a great leader and a delight to be around." Sue Brush / Westin Global Brand Leader / Starwood Hotels and Resorts

The Project Overview

Design plays a major role in shaping the guest experience at Westin. Every aspect of the brand’s aesthetic is guided by the brand’s positioning, For a Better You, and the Six Pillars of Well-Being. Watch this video to learn more about the Westin design aesthetic and the theory of Biophilia.These ideas inform all of our interior environments, starting with the guestroom. The guestroom’s signature touch points including the Heavenly Bed, Heavenly Shower and iconic White Tea bath amenities are connected by a meandering path that creates a natural, intuitive flow through the space. The brand positioning and biophilic inspiration create a meaningful foundation for Westin design, giving designers the freedom to infuse local flavor into each hotel while telling a cohesive brand story.

  • Director | Erin Hoover
  • Managers | Robyn Kaminski, Zusheen Mustafa
  • Senior Designers | Joshua Camarena, Sarah Lounsbury