The Concept

The Westin Kids Club is dedicated to creating spaces that are healthy for both the environment and our younger guests.

Founded on the belief that kids and their families should be surrounded with responsibly sourced, recycled and low-impact materials, our goal is to improve indoor air quality, encourage exposure to natural light and promote outdoor activity. Nature, enables kids to reconnect with the natural world through immersive

environmental experiences and by cultivating an awareness of nature's role in our everyday lives. Westin Kids Club creates opportunities at every turn for kids to eat well, play well, feel well, work well, move well and sleep well, ensuring that their stay enhances their well being.

The Design Philosophy

Exploration, Accomplishment & Wonder.

Inviting kids to indulge their natural curiosity through exploration, with an emphasis on the journey over the end result. Taking apart the standard and expected conventions of kids' activities to spark imagination and create moments of wonder.

The Kids Club Blueprint

Four essential zones flex to accommodate different footprints. Key elements in each zone bring the Kids Club concept to life.

Zoning & Layout

Welcome & Check-In Zone

Achieve Zone

Play Zone

Relax Zone

Featured Iconic Properties

The Westin Family Kids club concept brings the spirit of exploration, accomplishment and wonder to properties all over the world.

Client Review

"Erin is a strategic thinker, who consistently surprises with originality in her design vision. She leads her teams with a collaborative spirit and always welcomes dialogue." Paul Wischermann / President & CEO / Wischermann Partners, Inc.

The Project Overview

Design plays a major role in shaping the guest experience at Westin. Every aspect of the brand’s aesthetic is guided by the brand’s positioning, For a Better You, and the Six Pillars of Well-Being. Watch this video to learn more about the Westin design aesthetic and the theory of Biophilia. These ideas inform all of our interior environments, including Westin Family Kids Club, part of the reinvented family travel experience, where biophilic principles and thoughtfully selected materials inspire our youngest guests to embark on adventures and uncover hidden wonders.

  • Director | Erin Hoover
  • Managers | Robyn Kaminski, Zusheen Mustafa
  • Senior Designers | Joshua Camarena, Sarah Lounsbury